To provide our elderly residents with outstanding care through friendly and professional staff - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a comfortable and serene environment that is ideal for relaxed retirement living.
  • Tranquilityvilla - a place you can truly be at home, with professional staff to care for you like family would.

Welcome to Tranquilityvilla Assisted Living Facility

As we age, we will notice as each day passes that we are no longer at the peak of health.  This doesn’t mean that our quality of living should degrade from what we are accustomed to.  In fact, when you retire, it can get better.  This is a great possibility that we bring to reality every single day at Tranquilityvilla Assisted Living Facility.

Tranquilityvilla Assisted Living Facility is an adult care facility that specializes in providing care for seniors and disabled individuals who can no longer be self-sufficient or live alone at home.  We are staffed with certified caregivers and nursing assistants who have extensive experience in caring for the elderly and providing mobility assistance to residents who are physically disabled.

Just because you or your loved one can no longer live at home independently, it doesn’t mean that your choices for better living and health management is automatically compromised.  You can still enjoy a quality life with us at our assisted living facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.

At Tranquilityvilla Assisted Living Facility, you get a chance to enjoy your retirement:

  • You get personalized care from a staff that is available 24 hours a day.  You won’t even have to worry about not completing daily living tasks or maintaining personal hygiene.  Our caregivers will help you accomplish your daily necessities to preserve your health and promote a relaxed retirement lifestyle with us at our home.
  • You share a roof with a family – a family of caregivers and other residents who are in the same road that you are on.  This offers socialization and a colorful sharing of stories and conversation that will brighten every lazy afternoon.

Experience the joy of worry-free living.  This is something that you can expect at Tranquilityvilla Assisted Living Facility.  Rates are affordable and services are outstanding.  Please inquire about admission when you call us at 561-784-5837.

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